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Department confirms further case of Equine Infectious Anaemia

The Department of Agriculture and Food has confirmed the 16th case of Equine Infectious Anaemia in Ireland. This latest case was confirmed on a previously unrestricted premises which is now the subject of a restriction.

The Department is currently investigating all of the circumstances surrounding this case, with a particular emphasis on the method of transmission which has not yet been determined. The Department is also completing the tracing of any horses on other premises which may have been in contact with this newly confirmed case, though it appears that there are very few such contacts, all of which will be subject to movement restriction.

All of the horses on the premises and any new in-contacts identified will be included in the Department's surveillance programme and tests will be scheduled by the Department and will be entitled to benefit from the recently introduced financial assistance package.

The restrictions will not be lifted until the horses have satisfactorily completed their surveillance programme.

25 August 2006

Date Released: 25 August 2006