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Wild Game Intake Document

From 1st September 2013, a Wild Game Intake Document (see link below) replaces the Wild Deer Intake Document and covers all wild game species.

It must be completed for all wild game presented to Game Handling Establishments approved by this Department. One document can be used for a number of wild game, but only when they were shot by the same hunter in the same locality within a reasonable timeframe e.g. a day's shoot.

For regular suppliers of wild game, a duplicate book will be made available by Approved Game Handling Establishments. This allows a copy to be presented to the game handling establishment and a copy to be retained by the hunter.

The hunter must complete the first part of the document at the time of killing. The second part of the document is to be completed by trained persons/ hunters as prescribed by the EU Food Hygiene Regulations. See section below for further detail on trained persons. An explanatory note on how to fill out the intake document is also provided.

Untrained hunters should tick the box for "No, and a trained person isn't in a position to sign the declaration" and leave the second part of the document blank. In the case of wild deer, the untrained hunter must present the document along with the whole deer including the head and all viscera (internal organs), except for the stomach and intestines, to the Game Handling Establishment.

Provision is also made on the intake document where the hunter is untrained, but is accompanied by a trained person. Where a member of the hunting party is a trained person who has observed the wild game prior to shooting and conducted an examination of the body and viscera after killing, they can sign the Trained Person section of the document. The hunter must still complete the first section.

The third section of the document is completed by the person presenting the wild game to the Game Handling Establishment. This person maybe either the hunter or an intermediary presenting the wild game on behalf of the hunter.

Trained Persons - as per Intake Document for Wild Game

In accordance with EU Food Hygiene Regulations* persons who hunt wild game with a view to placing it on the market for human consumption must be trained to undertake an initial examination of wild game on the spot. Training must be provided to the satisfaction of the competent authority to enable hunters to become trained persons.

Trained persons having completed a training course will have received instruction as part of their training on how to fill out the trained person declaration. Currently there is one training course approved by the Competent Authorities in the ROI provided by the NARGC.

Any hunters organisation or group of hunters or individual hunter or any other person that wishes to provide training to hunters in accordance with the relevant requirements of Regulation (EC) no 853/2004, is advised to contact the Food Safety Authority of Ireland, through the FSAI website or the FSAI Advice Line at 1890 33 66 77 or email for advice on how to proceed.

Trained Person Presenting Wild Deer

Wild deer which have passed such an examination need not be accompanied by the head and viscera (internal organs) to the game handling establishment.

Trained persons must tag the wild deer body at the time of the kill with an approved Trained Person Tag that is a specific colour with the trained person's certification number and a unique body number on it. This is then filled in on the Intake Document before presentation to the Game Handling Establishment. Trained persons should keep a log of all wild deer bodies they tag and their use or who they are supplied to. Copies of the Intake Document fulfil this requirement.

Trained Person Presenting Small Wild Game

The intake document must be completed for presentation along with the game to the game handling establishment. If abnormal characteristics are found during the examination, abnormal behaviour was observed before killing, or environmental contamination is suspected, the trained person must note these on the intake document.

To ensure traceability of the small wild game the batch must be identified by a trained person tag and the number entered on the intake document. The details of the wild game in the batch (species, number etc) are then entered on the intake document. Trained persons should keep a log of all wild game bodies they shot and their use or who they are supplied to. Copies of the Intake Document fulfil this requirement.

*Council Regulation (EC) No 853/2004 Annex III Section IV: Wild Game

Consultation Process – Trained Person Mandatory Requirement

The document below summarises an important proposal regarding hunter training in food hygiene.

Response to Consultation on Trained Person Declaration for Wild Game Being Submitted to Approved Game Handling Establishments

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