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List of Tables

Table 1 (pdf 113Kb)  Maximum Grant levels
Table 2 (pdf 96Kb)  Premium levels
Table 3 (pdf 84Kb)  Eligibility of Areas for ABE's, grants and premiums
Table 4 (pdf 84Kb)  Corridor widths under ESB lines
Table 5 (pdf 66Kb)  Species choice by soil type
Table 6 (pdf 63Kb)  Species Silvicultural Characteristics
Table 7 (pdf 87Kb)  Acceptable Tree Species for Grant aid
Table 8 (pdf 154Kb)  Accepted Seed Origins/Provenances
Table 9 (pdf 87Kb)  Forest Plants requiring an EU Plant Passport
Table 10 (pdf 84Kb)  Compatability of Conifer intimate and line Mixtures
Table 11 (pdf 84Kb)  Rating scheme for soil erodability
Table 12 (pdf 267Kb)  Minimum stocking and spacing for conifers and broadleaves
Table 13 (pdf 62Kb)  Broadleaves - Quality limits for transplants
Table 14 (pdf 62Kb)  Conifers - Quality limits for transplants
Table 15 (pdf 63Kb)  Phosphate Requirements
Table 16 (pdf 62Kb)  Exclusion zones
Table 17 (pdf 63Kb)  Specifications for Forest Fencing
Table 18 (pdf 89Kb)  Application form guidance
Table 19 (pdf 84Kb)  Other consultation/referral procedures
Table 20 (pdf 62Kb)  Timing of Shaping
Table 21 (pdf 63Kb)  Standard Quality Grades for broadleaved trees
Table 22 (pdf 88Kb)  Forest road specification