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List of Figures

Figure 1 (pdf 316Kb)  Drainage Diagram
Figure 2 (pdf 67Kb)  Sediment Trap types
Figure 3 (pdf 267Kb)  Beech/conifer mix
Figure 4 (pdf 267Kb)  Oak/conifer mix
Figure 5 (pdf 84Kb)  Optimal dates for planting freshly lifted stock
Figure 6 (pdf 1,564Kb)  H Frame Strainer
Figure 7 (pdf 1,289Kb)  Norway spruce (year 4)
Figure 8 (pdf 1,289Kb)  Ash (year 4)
Figure 9 (pdf 1,177Kb)  Oak (year 4)
Figure 10 (pdf 1,177Kb)  Douglas fir (year 4)
Figure 11 (pdf 728Kb)  The three stages of improving a neglected Woodland
Figure 12 (pdf 1,264Kb)  Formative shaping
Figure 13 (pdf 1,264Kb)  Standard Quality Grades for broadleaved trees
Figure 14 (pdf 670Kb)  Typical road cross section
Figure 15 (pdf 670Kb)  Typical cross section of road built on a slope
Figure 16 (pdf 152Kb)  Schematic indicating curvature required for bellmouths onto
public roads and internal turning bays or hammer heads