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List of Appendices

Appendix 1 (pdf 78Kb)  Provenance declaration form
Appendix 2 (pdf 61Kb)  Mandate of grants to forestry companies
Appendix 3 (pdf 62Kb)  Mandate of forest premiums to bank
Appendix 3A (pdf 86Kb)  Mandate/Assignment of grant to forestry contractor
Appendix 4 (pdf 67Kb)  Sample Management Plan Yr 4 to Yr 10
Appendix 5 (pdf 67Kb)  Sample Management Plan Yr 11 to Yr 20
Appendix 6 (pdf 65Kb)  Blank (sample) Management Plan Yr 4 to Yr 10
Appendix 7 (pdf 66Kb)  Blank (sample) Management Plan Yr 11 to Yr 20
Appendix 8 (pdf 85Kb)  Certification of land transfer
Appendix 9 (pdf 111Kb)  Certificate of title
Appendix 10 (pdf 85Kb)  Commonage consent form
Appendix 11 (pdf 18Kb)  Joint management consent
Appendix 12 (pdf 111Kb)  Release of turbary rights consent form
Appendix 13 (pdf 111Kb)  Release of grazing rights consent form
Appendix 14 (pdf 61Kb)  Definitions of enclosed/improved and unenclosed
Appendix 15 (pdf 160Kb)  Application to ESB for compensation for loss of tree planting rights
Appendix 16 (pdf 61Kb)  Note on Shell Marl, marl and calcareous soils
Appendix 17 (pdf 105Kb)  Soil sampling procedure
Appendix 18 (pdf 96Kb)  Foliar analysis
Appendix 19 (pdf 82Kb)  Protocol for the determination of the acid sensitivity of surface
water in the context of afforestation
Appendix 20 (pdf 65Kb)  Statement of total cost
Appendix 21 (pdf 64Kb)  Statement of costs
Appendix 22 (pdf 64Kb)  Areas potentially sensitive to fisheries
Appendix 23 (pdf 74Kb)  Archaeology. Scheduled venues to view records of monuments and places
Appendix 24 (pdf 369Kb)  IFA /Bord Gáis agreement
Appendix 25 (pdf 65Kb)  Standard annuity table