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Chapter 19 - Forest Road Scheme

  • 19.1 Scope
  • 19.2 Forest Roads Manual
  • 19.3 Management Roads
  • 19.4 Harvesting roads
  • 19.5 General Roading Issues
  • 19.6 Access/rights of way
  • 19.7 Application Procedure
    • 19.7.1 Approval
    • 19.7.2 Payment
  • 19.8 Forest Road/Track Mapping Conventions
  • 19.9 Grant Rates

Click here to download chapter (pdf 110Kb) 

Certified Roads Map (Adobe Acrobat file 7MB) (pdf 7,350Kb) 

Figure 14 - Typical road cross section (Adobe Acrobat file 670KB) (pdf 670Kb) 

Figure 15 - Typical cross section of road built on a slope (Adobe Acrobat file 670KB) (pdf 670Kb) 

Figure 16 - Schematic indicating curvature required for bellmouths onto public roads and internal turning bays or hammer heads (Adobe Acrobat file 152KB) (pdf 152Kb)