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Grant-aided Forestry - Change of Ownership or Applicant

The Department’s Forestry Division must be notified if there is a change of ownership of a grant-aided plantation during the term of the contract (either 15 or 20 years depending on scheme and owner status).

The owner of lands afforested under the Afforestation Grant and Premium Schemes must give advance notice to the Department’s Forestry Division of any intention to sell or transfer ownership, or if the legal status of that ownership becomes subject to a caution, inhibition, judgement mortgage or enforced sale. Where the death occurs of the owner or joint owner of a grant-aided plantation, the Department’s Forestry Division should be notified as soon as possible.

In every case, payments will be suspended until a new owner signs up to continue the scheme. The Change of Applicant section (contact details below) will assist in making arrangements to continue payment of grant and premiums to the new owner.

When selling lands on which forestry grant-aid / premia are being paid, forest owners should note that if the buyer does not take over participation in the Scheme, all grants and premiums already paid from the date of planting must be repaid to the Department by the previous owner. Solicitors dealing with the sale or transfer of land should be informed of the terms of the scheme.

There are important differences between the conditions attaching to the new forestry schemes (lands planted since 01 Jan 2015) and those applicable under older schemes (lands planted up to 31 Dec 2014).  In relation to change of ownership, the 2015 Scheme requires that the new applicant must submit all necessary documentation no later than one year after the date of the deed of transfer for the land ownership change, or the date that a deceased applicant’s estate is settled.

There are detailed Guides to Change of Ownership / Applicant for each Scheme on the website (please ensure that you consult the correct Guide). The Guides should be read in conjunction with the relevant scheme conditions and the Forestry Standards Manual, which set out the detailed provisions and requirements attaching to the schemes. All forestry contracts remain subject to the conditions under which they were approved originally (i.e. older contracts do not transform to the new scheme).

Afforestation Grant & Premium Schemes 2014-2020 - Guide on Change of Ownership / Change of Applicant: This Guide refers only to forestry planted from 01 January 2015.

Afforestation Grant & Premium Schemes to 31 Dec 2014 - Guide on Change of Ownership / Change of Applicant: This Guide refers to forestry planted before 31 Dec 2014.

Please direct all correspondence and enquiries to:

Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine,
Forest Service - Change of Applicant Section,
Johnstown Castle,
Co. Wexford,
Y35 PN52 

Tel:   053 9163400 or 0761 064 415