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Payments and Premiums

Application for First grant and Premium - Form 2

The 1st Instalment grant and premium are due for payment after the completion date of the plantation. An application for payment of the first instalment grant and first premium (Form 2) issues from the Forest Service and must be completed and signed by both the applicant and the Registered Forester. The following documents must accompany the application.

  • Original Ordnance Survey Map
  • Cert of Provenance
  • Proof of Ownership (Folio Documents/Cert of Title/Joint Management Consent)
  • Invoice(s)
  • Tax Clearance Certificate/C2 Tax Details
  • Copy of Mandate


  • Mary O’Sullivan
    • Tel: 053-9165525
  • Michael Comiskey
    • Tel: 053-9163479
  • Clare McCabe
    • Tel: 053-9165520
  • Kathleen Ruddle
    • Tel: 053-9165514
  • Siobhan Walsh
    • Tel: 053-9170397
  • Triona Hayes
    • Tel: 053-9163466
  • Anthony Kennelly
    • Tel: 053-9165570
  • Martin Connell
    • Tel: 053-9070330

Application for 2nd instalment grant - Form 3

The 2nd instalment maintenance grant is due for payment 4 years after the completion date of the plantation. An application for payment (Form 3) issues from the Forest Service to the applicant and must be completed and signed by both the applicant and the Registered Forester. Second Instalment grants, which amounts to approximately 25% of the overall grant, will be paid when the plantation is up to the required standard. Payment can be made on receipt of completed Form 3, certified species map and mandate to contractor (if required). Payment is subject of an inspection. Where remedial works are required, payment may be deferred pending completion and certification of the relevant works.

Forest Management Plan years 4 - 10

All applicants must submit a management plan at Form 3 stage for plantations which are 10 ha or greater or where over 5 ha of broadleaves have been planted. A management plan is a document, which contains details of forest crops planted and gives a general outline plan regarding the forest operations which should take place over a specified time period.

Application for subsequent Premium Payments - Form 4

The farmer rate of forestry premium is payable for a period of 20 years and the non-farmer rate for a period of 15 years. All premiums, subsequent to the 1st premium are applied for by completing a Form 4, which issues to the applicant each January from the Forest Service. Payment will issue following receipt of a Completed form4 for the relevant year, and a completed management plan for years 11-20 where relevant. Where lands are taken out of forestry, the premium will be adjusted accordingly.

Forest owners are required to maintain their plantations for a period of 10 years, and carry out appropriate remedial works. A variety of financial supports for shaping, pruning and reconstitution are available to forest owners.

Forest Management Plan Years 11-20

The purpose of the management plan is to provide information to the owner and the Forest Service, on the current status of plantation as well as setting out future proposed management operations. The data collected is of use for inventory, planning and budgetary purposes. A forester who is registered with this Department should prepare the management plan. The forester will carry out a field assessment to prepare the plan and should record and update all species, areas and plot boundaries on a certified species map. A once-off payment of 300 euro will be paid to forest-owners who have submitted a Management Plan, by way of contribution towards the associated costs. This will be included in the annual forestry premium payment.