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Change of Applicant Section


Customers must notify the Forest Service in advance if they plan to sell or transfer ownership of any part of their grant-aided plantation during the term of the grant and premium contract. If they fail to do this they risk claw-back by the Department of all grants and premiums paid out since the date of the completion of the plantation. A guide to change of ownership of grant-aided plantations appears on this website.

The staff of Change of Applicant Section will:

  • Assist customers with all enquiries relating to the scheme when a grant-aided plantation is to be sold or transferred during the term of the contract;
  • Process notifications of sales, transfers, death of the owner, inheritance or assignment of the planted lands;
  • Recover (claw-back) from the previous applicant all grant and premium money paid if the new owner is not willing to participate in the scheme;
  • If the new owner signs up to the scheme we will re-assign the remaining premiums, on receipt of the following paperwork:
    • proof of ownership of the planted land;
    • signed commitment to the obligations of the scheme (on our Form 5);
    • confirmation that the plantation is up to Forest Service standards;
    • verification of the area of the plantation and cross compliance;
    • new map/s (if there’s a change in area or only part is sold/ transferred);
    • details needed to register the new owner and new applicant,
    • tax clearance certificates for owner and applicant, where relevant, and
    • proof of eligibility for farmer rate of premium - if applicant is farming.
  • Change of applicant forms will be sent to the customer or Solicitor, as required.
  • All information received will be kept confidential. Original folio documents, death certificates etc. will be returned, if requested.

Sale of forestry land

Whenever the legal arrangements are being made for the sale of forestry land on which grant was paid, there are certain precautions owners should take to protect their own interests. There is an obligation under the scheme to notify the Forest Service in advance of offering a grant-aided plantation for sale. Solicitors dealing with any proposed sale or transfer of forestry land should be made aware of the terms of the scheme and the danger of claw-back if the buyer is not willing to sign up to the scheme. When notice of the intention to sell is received in the Forest Service, we will issue a detailed advice letter to the vendor / transferor or their Solicitor on the important provisions of the scheme.

Death of the owner

If the owner of a grant-aided plantation has died during the year, the family or next-of-kin should contact the Forest Service for advice on transferring the forestry contract and the right to claim premium payments to the new owner/s. This is especially important if there is any intention of selling the forestry land.    

Sub-division / sharing of the Premium in the year of sale

If a change of ownership occurs during the year, the Forest Service will not divide the premium payment in proportion to the time each party owned the plantation. This matter should be resolved between the parties when they are drawing up the contract for sale of the forestry lands.

Please address enquiries and correspondence to:

Change of Applicant Section
Forest Service
Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine
Johnstown Castle Estate


Or phone us at Lo-Call  0761 064 415


Richard Gregg Grade:HEO Tel:053-9170358      
Celine O’Mahony Grade:EO Tel:053-9170340 Gerry Smullen   
Grade:EO   Tel:053-9165547 
Anne Marie O'Connor Grade:EO Tel:053-9170382 Emily Matthews Grade:EO Tel:053-9163486
Sinead Hickey Grade:CO Tell:053-9163439 Nuala Smith Grade:CO Tel:053-9170316