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Forest Management Tools

Ireland’s Tree Volume Calculator

Single tree volume equations have been developed to allow forest owners and managers to estimate tree volume online using basic tree information for the main conifer and broadleaf tree species.

Please click here to access Ireland’s Tree Volume Calculator.


Forest Map Viewer

Information on the location of Ireland’s forests is presented in the Forest Map Viewer GIS portal. Also presented is information on the location of environmental designations (i.e. NHA, SAC, SPA) and Archaeological sites.

Please click here to access the Map Viewer


Felling Decision Tool

The Felling Decision Tool was developed to provide owners with information on estimated timber revenues and forest characteristics (wood volumes per hectare, tree top height, and mean tree size in cubic metres) at different stages in the forest cycle. This tool may be used to assist in deciding when to clearfell, by providing financial information on the implication of felling earlier or later than when the financial returns are normally at their highest. This may enable landowners to get a better return from their investment in forestry, as well as providing the revenue needed to cover reforestation costs to continue the forest cycle.

Please click here to access the Felling Decision Tool


All Ireland Roundwood Production Forecast 2016-2035

The All Ireland Roundwood Production Forecast 2016-2035 was launched in 2016 by Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine. Three forecasts were presented in the report: (1) forecast of gross volume, (2) forecast of net realisable volume which includes reductions for harvest loss, accessibility and crops unlikely to be harvested and (3) forecast of wood fibre availability. A GIS portal was developed to accompany the forecast that generates user defined spatial forecasts up to 2035 for private and Coillte forests. The portal facilitates the dissemination of comprehensive volume forecast information on the national forest estate in an accessible, reproducible and transparent way.

Please click here to access the All Ireland Roundwood Production Forecast 2016-2035


Forest Planning Models (GROWFOR)

Irish dynamic yield models have been developed for the most important commercial species. The models being used through a computer program rather than the traditional static yield tables. The key advantage of dynamic yield models is the flexibility and accuracy that they give to forest managers. Models can be applied to actual forest characteristics rather than trying to align the plantation to a set management regime outlined in a static yield table. Interactive forest planning model software has been developed to allow growers to input variables related to various scenarios or operations and project the anticipated outcomes of such activities.

Please click here to access the Forest Planning Models (GROWFOR)


Windthrow Model

The Windthrow Model was developed to predict the probability of windthrow occurring in a forest. Users of the model are required to enter information describing the site (i.e. altitude, soil type and wind zone) and forest (i.e. Top height and thinning status ). The interactive forest planning model software allows forest owners and managers to anticipate the likelihood of windthrow which will inform future management options.

Please click here to access the Windthrow Model



CLIMADAPT is a web-based decision support system (DSS) based on Ecological Site Classification developed specifically for Irish Forestry. The objective is to provide a DSS for forest managers and policy makers, using soil and climatic information that can be used to assess species suitability and yield for individual sites under current and future climate change scenarios. The DSS also includes a spatial analysis module for regional assessment of key environmental factors influencing species suitability and productivity.

Please click here to access the CLIMADAPT


Wood Price Quarterly (Irish Timber Growers Association)

Details are presented on the private average roundwood prices received by private growers by average tree size category. The prices are averages derived from data received from a range of growers and potentially include all conifer species and harvest types.

Please click here to access the Wood Price Quarterly