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Contingency Plan

Download Contingency Plan (pdf 3,612Kb) 

1. Legal powers

2. Financial provision

3. The chain of command

4. The National Disease Control Centre

5. The Local Disease Control Centre

6. Environmental co-ordination

7. FMD expert groups

8. Resources (personnel, laboratory, equipment)

9. Standing instructions

10. Emergency vaccination

11. Training programmes and awareness

12. Large numbers of outbreaks

13. Mass disposal

14. Rendering plants

Annex 1A NDCC contact details

Annex 1B Management structure of NDCC in 'peacetime'

Annex 1C Management structure of NDCC in FMD crisis

Annex 1D Central Decision Making Unit in FMD crisis

Annex 2A List of District Veterinary Offices

Annex 2B Map showing location of DVOs

Annex 2C Management structure of an LDCC

Annex 3A Staff with experience of FMD in UK, 2001

Annex 3B Staff with experience of FMD at Ballymascanlon LDCC, 2001

Annex 3C Staff with experience of FMD at NDCC, 2001

Annex 4 Staff trained in FMD epidemiology

Annex 5 Contents of emergency field pack (Yellow Pack)

Annex 6 Contents of FMD Operations Manual

Annex 7 Abbreviations

Annex 8 Map showing cattle density by DED

Annex 9 Map showing counties and ADNS codes