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Chapter 4. National Disease Control Centre

Download Chapter 4 (pdf 514Kb) 

1. Accommodation requirements

2. Management

3. Co-ordination with Northern Ireland authorities

4. Staffing

5. Communications

6. Reports to the European Commission and Office Internationale des Epizooties

7. Protocols

Annex 1 - Organogram of Veterinary Services during 'peacetime'

Annex 2 - Organogram of Central Decision Making Unit during FMD outbreak

Annex 3 - Circulation list for daily NDCC communications

Annex 4 - Format for NDCC daily situation report

Annex 5 - Information required for notification via ADNS

Annex 6 - Format for report to SCoFCAH

Annex 7 - Protocol for trace reports

Annex 8 - Format for hard copy files

Annex 9 - Epidemiological report form for EU Commission