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Chapter 2. Veterinary Laboratory Service

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1. FMD outbreak - The role of the Veterinary Laboratory Service

2. The CVRL Incident Room

3. Collection of samples for FMD diagnosis

4. Staffing

5. Diagnostic proficiency

6. Testing in Ireland

7. Review or modification of written procedures and forms.

Annex 1 - The Veterinary Laboratory Service contingency plan

Annex 2 - CVRL incident room

Annex 3 -Foot and Mouth disease clinical picture

Annex 4 - Appropriate diagnostic samples

Annex 5 - Guide to collection and transport of diagnostic specimens

Annex 6 - Kits for the investigation of suspect cases of foot and mouth disease

Annex 7 - Constituents of FMD viral transport media

Annex 8 - Clinical record

Annex 9 - Procedures for preparation, and packaging of suspect FMD samples for transmission to Pirbright

Annex 10 - Documentation required to accompany suspect FMD samples Pirbright

Annex 11 - Dispatch and transport arrangements for delivery of suspect FMD samples to Pirbright

Annex 12 - Form VP1 acknowledging receipt of samples

Annex 13 - Gatehouse reception, CVRL: receipt of samples

Annex 14 - 'Targeted' serological samples: sample preparation, HSU, virology

Annex 15 - Serological testing using the LPB ELISA

Annex 16 - 'Random' serological samples: sample perparation site other than CVRL

Annex 17 - Coding and predilution of samples for random surveillance testing, virology, CVRL

Annex 18 - Form VP3 - to accompany samples to Pirbright

Annex 19 - Example of completed IATA/ICOA form for air cargo

Annex 20 - Model Aer Lingus air cargo form

Annex 21 - Form FM1 - FMD samples: serological survey

Annex 22 - Report of suspect disease investigation

Annex 23 - Random serological survey - sample collection