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Chapter 29. Slaughter plants and other meat establishments

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1. Contingencies during 'peacetime'

2. Suspect FMD in the live animal or carcase

3. FMD confirmed in a slaughter plant

4. Vehicle cleaning and disinfection during an FMD outbreak

5. Tracing of meat from an infected premises to a slaughter plant

6. Intra-community trade in meat, meat products, hides and skins

7. Placing on the market of other animal products produced in protection zones

8. Placing on the market of meat produced in establishments in protection zones

9. Placing on the market of meat products produced in establishments in protection zones

10. Placing on the market of meat and meat products from susceptible species originating in surveillance zones

11. Measures to be taken following regionalisation of an infected area

Annex 1 - Flow diagram for suspect FMD in a slaughter plant

Annex 2 - Incident Report Form

Annex 3 - Risk assessment of vehicles and personnel

Annex 4 - List of vehicles/personnel that have left the plant

Annex 5 - List of vehicles/personnel that are still present in the plant

Annex 6 - Use of forms

Annex 7 - Procedures for cleaning and disinfection of infected premises

Annex 8 - Treatment of meat to ensure destruction of FMD virus

Annex 9 - Requirements for placing on the market of meat from susceptible species from surveillance zones