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Chapter 26. Notices

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Annex 1 - Use of forms

Annex 2 - Form A restriction notice (area restrictions imposed on suspicion of FMD)

Annex 3 - Form AA restriction notice (area restrictions imposed in border area when FMD is suspected or confirmed in Northern Ireland)

Annex 4 - Notice withdrawing Form AA (notifying removal of Form AA restrictions in a border area)

Annex 5 - Form B restriction notice (FMD suspected or confirmed on a holding)

Annex 6 - Form C restriction withdrawal notice (notice withdrawing Form B restriction)

Annex 7 - Form D restriction notice (restriction on contact herds)

Annex 8 - Form E restriction withdrawal notice (notice withdrawing Form D restriction)

Annex 9 - Notice to Garda Siochana (authorising use of vehicle by a veterinary surgeon in a restricted area)

Annex 10 - Notice to veterinary surgeons (notifying veterinary surgeons of an FMD outbreak in their area)

Annex 11 - Notice requiring disinfection (notice under Article 19)

Annex 12 - Notice requiring specified action (notice under Article 19 - to prevent the spread of disease)

Annex 13 - Notice requiring or prohibiting movement of animals (notice under Article 19)

Annex 14 - Notice withdrawing Article 19 notice (Notice withdrawing the requirement to carry out specified measures under Article 19)

Annex 15 - Statement of valuation and agreement (statement to be signed by farmer, agreeing valuation)

Annex 16 - Valuation record (list of animals valued)

Annex 17 - Certificate of slaughter on-farm (certificate to be signed by VI on completion of slaughter)

Annex 18 - Certificate of slaughter off-farm (certificate to be signed by VI on completion of slaughter)

Annex 19 - Certificate of disinfection (certificate to be signed by VI on completion of final cleaning and disinfection)