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Chapter 24. Milk - Collection, Transport and Treatment

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1. Legislative basis

2. Contingency plans for creamery managers

3. Suspect investigation on a dairy farm

4. Tracing of bulk tanker collections

5. Form A restrictions

6. Confirmed disease

7. Milk from animals originating in Protection Zones

8. Milk from establishments in Protection Zones

9. Milk from animals originating in Surveillance Zones

10. Milk and milk products produced in establishments located in the Surveillance Zone

11. Milk from controlled regions

12. Contact premises (Form D and Article 19 restrictions)

13. Treatment of milk for inactivation of FMD virus

14. Destruction of milk on-farm

Annex 1- Code of Practice for hauliers and milk purchasers (13 pages)

Annex 2 - Guidelines for Inspectors to assist with supervision of the FMD virus inactivation procedures for milk on-farm

Annex 3 - Register of farms on which acidification has taken place

Annex 4 - Certificate of compliance with milk collection procedures according to the Code of Practice for hauliers and milk purchasers