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Chapter 22. Cleaning & Disinfection of infected premises

Download Chapter 22 (pdf 487Kb) 

1. Purpose of cleaning and disinfection

2. Factors to be considered

3. Management structure and duties at LDCC and IP

4. Basic supplies for Cleaning & Disinfection Officers and Infected Premises Officers

5. Protocol for securing the infected premises on the day of arrival

6. Site assessment (mapping, plan of action, work schedule)

7. Acquiring personnel and equipment

8. Records to be kept

9. Health and safety information

10. Problem prevention

11. Final actions before leaving the site

Annex 1 - Principles of cleaning and disinfection

Annex 2 - Health and safety information

Annex 3 - Protocol for securing the site

Annex 4 -Site assessment and C&D plan of action

Annex 5 - Infected premises site assessment form