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Food Wise Conference 04 December 2017

The Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine hosted a Food Wise Conference on 4 December 2017 in Croke Park – Food Wise 2017: Challenge, Ambition, Opportunity. The purpose of the event was to acknowledge the achievements of the sector in recent years under Food Harvest 2020 and its successor Food Wise 2025; and to assess and prepare for the challenges ahead.

Food Wise 2025 Strategy was launched in July 2015 and it is the fourth in a rolling series of 10 year strategies for the agri-food sector, which are updated every 5 years.

Like its predecessors, Food Wise 2025 is a living document which should, and must, react and adapt to significant developments in the sector. Whether it be Brexit, CAP reform, trade agreements, or the environmental challenges the sector is facing, there is much to consider and discuss.

The conference provided a forum to review progress to date and to understand the significant challenges ahead. It will provide an opportunity to renew our commitment to enabling the sustainable growth of Ireland’s most important indigenous sector.

The implementation of Food Wise is driven by a High Level Implementation Committee (HLIC), which the Minister for Agriculture, Food and the Marine chairs and involves senior officials from relevant Departments and the CEOs of the State agencies. It ensures joined-up Government action, and also provides a platform for those bodies to meet collectively with industry representatives. The HLIC also ensures that Food Wise implementation is a live and dynamic process. Food Wise like its predecessors, is a process as much as a product, responding to changing circumstances while remaining loyal to the core vision of the sustainable development of the sector.