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Food Wise 2025 - Steps to Success 2019

Steps to Success 2019 is the fourth annual progress report of Food Wise 2025.

Since its launch in July 2015, Food Wise 2025 has served both as a high level strategy and a shared blueprint for all involved in the sector.  Its recommendations have been reflected in Government policies including the Programme for Partnership Government, the Action Plan for Rural Development, the Action Plan for Jobs, Regional Action Plans for Jobs, the trade strategy, Ireland Connected and ‘Global Ireland’ -  Ireland’s Global Footprint to 2025.

The implementation process for any strategy is vital for its success. The Minister for Agriculture, Food and the Marine chairs the Food Wise High Level Implementation Committee (HLIC), involving senior officials from relevant Departments and the CEOs of the State agencies. This committee has met five times since last July and reviews progress on the recommendations outlined in Food Wise 2025, the five themes outlined in the report and the 11 individual sectors. It ensures joined-up Government action, and also provides a platform for those bodies to meet collectively with industry representatives. The HLIC also ensures that Food Wise implementation is a live and dynamic process. Food Wise, like its predecessors, is a process as much as a product, responding to changing circumstances while remaining loyal to the core vision and objectives of the plan itself. Brexit is a standard item on the agenda of each meeting of the HLIC and it is planned to intensify progressing relevant Food Wise recommendations, particularly those related to market development, competitiveness and innovation as part of our response to Brexit.

Progress on each of the recommendations in Food Wise is measured on a quarterly basis.  As of July 2019, of the 414 actions, 376 were due to commence or are ongoing actions. Of those 376 actions, 87% have been achieved or substantial action has been undertaken; and a further 13% have commenced and are progressing well.

  • “Steps to Success 2019” summarises the progress made in the fourth year of Food Wise Implementation.

Steps to Success 2019 (pdf 6,189Kb)        

Step to Success 2019 (HTML)  

  • A detailed progress report on each action is also attached.

Food Wise 2025: Year Four Summary Report of Actions (pdf 1,711Kb)