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National and International Legislation


90/426/EC on animal health conditions governing the movement and import from third countries of equidae here
92/35/EEC laying down control rules and measures to combat African Horse Sickness here
2002/160/EC amending Annex D to Council Directive 90/426/EEC with regard to diagnostic tests for African horse sickness here
2002/106/EC approving a diagnostic manual establishing diagnostic procedures, sampling methods and criteria for evaluation of laboratory tests for the confirmation of classical swine fever here
2001/89/EC on Community measures for the control of classical swine fever here
2003/422/EC approving African swine fever diagnostic manual here
2002/60/EC laying down specific provisions for the control of African swine fever and amending Directive 92/119/EEC as regards Teschen disease and African swine fever here
2000/75/EC laying down specific measures for the control and eradication of Bluetongue here
2007/1266/EC on implementing rules for Council Directive 2000/75/EC as regards the control, monitoring, surveillance and restrictions on movements of certain animals of susceptible species in relation to bluetongue here
2005/94/EC on community measures for the control of avian influenza and repealing directive 92/40/EC here
2006/415/EC concerning certain protection measures in relation to highly pathogenic avian influenza of the subtype H5N1 in poultry in the Community and repealing Decision 2006/135/EC here
1988/407/EC laying down the animal health requirements applicable to intra-Community trade in and imports of semen of domestic animals of the bovine species here