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Tests commonly used in Virology Division

A montage of photos of the Backweston campusVirology Division must diagnose infection involving a wide variety of host and viral species. To do this, staff use many different laboratory techniques and methods, some of which are described below.
  • AGID: agar gel immunodiffusion
  • ELISA: enzyme linked immunosorbant assay
  • FAT: fluorescent antibody test
  • HAI: haemagglutination inhibition
  • PCR: polymerase chain reaction
  • PLA: peroxidase linked assay
  • SNT: serum neutralisation test
  • VI: virus isolation


Diagnostic tests - descriptions (pdf 91Kb) 

Diagnostic tests per disease - mammalian (pdf 26Kb) 

Diagnostic tests per disease - avian (pdf 60Kb)  

Virology Division Test Names (pdf 228Kb) 


IMPORTANT: Understanding laboratory results (pdf 150Kb)