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Virology Submissions

An appropriate submission form must accompany all samples sent to Virology Division.

The information requested is necessary to determine which laboratory tests are appropriate, to minimise associated laboratory charges and to optimize result turn-around time.A montage of photos from the Backweston campus

Important Privacy Statement for DAFM Laboratory Services:

It is our aim to provide accurate results and timely service. However many diagnostic tests are not performed daily and laboratory schedules may change. If your submission includes animals for export, large numbers of samples or for any other reason is time-dependent, please contact the lab to verify availability and turnaround time of specific assays.

Submission forms may be downloaded here from this website.

General Information

General Submissions

Important: When more than ten samples are being sent together (herd screens, etc), use the above Excel submission form and email it ahead of the samples, to - doing this allows us to plan testing schedules and provide faster, more informative reports.

Special Submissions