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The primary role of the Virology Division is to service National and EU legislation regarding exotic and endemic veterinary viral diseases.

This includes acting as a National reference laboratory, providing laboratory support for disease control and eradication programmes, and performing tests for statutory and import / export purposes.

In addition, it provides a virology diagnostic service for farm animal species including poultry through the Regional Veterinary Laboratories and private veterinary practitioners.

A photo of the Virology Division building at the Backweston Campus.

Photo: Virology Division, DAFM Labs, Backweston 

Virology Division, DAFM labs, acts as the national reference laboratory for a wide range of notifiable infectious diseases in farm animal species including: avian influenza, Newcastle disease, classical swine fever, African swine fever, bluetongue, African horse sickness, bovine viral diarrhoea, lumpy skin disease, peste des petits ruminants, enzootic bovine leucosis and Aujeszky's Disease.

The Virology Division is accredited for a range of tests to ISO17025:2005. Further details of the current scope of accreditation can be found here.

Virology Division,
Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine Laboratories,
Backweston Campus,
Co. Kildare.
W23 X3PH

Tel:     +353 (0) 1 6157338
Fax:    +353 (0) 1 6157253