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Stakeholder Consultation

If you are a resident of Ireland and work in the Irish food industry, academia, regulatory bodies or consumer representative bodies, you are invited to a) register as an Irish Codex Stakeholder and b) submit comments on Codex documents that will assist in the formulation of the official national position on Codex issues. 

a) Register as an Irish Codex Stakeholder

Listing of Upcoming Codex Meeting Documents in Circulation for Comment

Please refer to the link below for the documents in circulation for comments.  To assist in the formulation of the official Irish position on all Codex issues, comments are invited from interested registered Irish Codex stakeholders to be submitted at least 6 weeks in advance of the Codex meeting date.

Upcoming Codex Meetings

Registered Irish Stakeholders are advised to click on the ‘agenda’ for upcoming meetings to access details of the items for discussion and the associated documentation. 


b) Submitting Comments

Comments can be submitted here.

In your response, you are required to include:

  • the document reference number (e.g. CX/FICS 11/19/2, CX/FL 12/19/2) as shown in the top right corner of the document
  • your comment(s) and a rationale in support of your comment(s)


Please note:

Comments should be submitted no later than 6 weeks in advance of the Codex meeting date. 

Only comments submitted from a registered email address will be processed. 

Documents for the various Codex Meetings are posted as and when they become available.