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The Pesticide Residues laboratory

The Pesticide Residues laboratory analyses samples of fruit, vegetables, cereals, food of animal origin including animal fat, milk and other dairy products, honey, infant and follow on formula and processed foods (including wine, juices, tinned foods and oils) as well as organic produce. 

  • Fruit and vegetables

Routine sampling of fruit and vegetables is biased in favour of food commodities that are of greater dietary importance.  In excess of 800 samples of domestic and imported fruit and vegetables are taken annually.  Baby food, fruit and vegetable juices as well as wine fall under this category.

  • Food of animal origin

Random samples of bovine, porcine, ovine, poultry, equine and cervine fat samples are taken at a range of meat processing plants around the country.  Dairy, eggs and honey produce are sampled at production plants or points of assembly.

  • Cereals

Currently, the sampling programme is confined to the sampling and analysis of grain used in the milling, malting and breakfast cereal industries.  Cereals and cereal products of both domestic and imported origin are sampled on a random basis at point of assembly or storage.

  • Infant and follow on formula

Approximately 60 samples of infant and follow on formula are analysed annually for approximately 460 pesticides and their metabolites.


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