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Drowning is by far the most common cause of death involving slurry. Take the following precautions to protect against drowning in slurry:

  • Open slurry tanks should be protected by an unclimbable fence or wall at least 1.8m high with locked gates.
  • Covered or slatted tanks require access manholes that children cannot open. A safety grid should be fitted below the manhole to give secondary protection.

Gases released by the agitation of slurry can cause gas poisoning. The following precautions should be taken when agitating slurry:

  • Only agitate where there is good air movement
  • Evacuate all livestock
  • Make sure no person is in or near the building
  • Open all doors and outlets to provide a draught
  • At least two people should be present and stand up wind
  • Never stand over slats or near tank access points when agitation is in progress
  • Avoid vigorous agitation in confined places
  • Keep all people away from the agitation point for at least 30 minutes after starting agitation
  • Never enter or allow others to enter the any tank or confined place without breathing apparatus
  • Agitation points should be placed outside the building

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