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Farmyards and Buildings

Falls from a height are a major cause of accidents involving farm buildings. Of particular concern is falling through fragile roofs and from ladders.

Farm Entrance

Safety measures around the farmyard include:

  • farmyards should be kept clean and tidy
  • surfaces should be non-slip
  • areas for parking vehicles should be level
  • provide properly hung gates throughout the farm
  • avoid sheeted gates where possible as they can be blown by the wind

Safe use of ladders

  • always secure a ladder
  • a ladder needs to be footed or tied off while it is being used
  • place the ladder on firm, level and secure ground
  • a ladder should be placed at an angle of 75 degrees
  • never carry heavy loads while climbing a ladder
  • extend a ladder one meter above where work is being carried out
  • ladders must be in good condition

Roof work

  • on a fragile roof, use proper roofing ladders or crawling boards
  • erect a suitable barrier to prevent falls when carrying out extensive work on roofs

Stacks of bales

  • always remove bales from the top
  • care is needed when removing bales from stacks as many people, when trying to remove bales, fall from the stacks or edges

Further Information