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Biosecurity Leaflets Issued to Poultry Flockowners (Press Release)

The Minister for Agriculture and Food, Mr Joe Walsh TD, announced today that he had taken the necessary steps to ensure that poultry flockowners are advised of biosecurity measures to safeguard their premises against the threat of disease.

To this effect, information leaflets on "Biosecurity Advice for Flockowners" and "Symptoms of Exotic Poultry Diseases" are being sent to poultry flockowners throughout the country advising on how the industry can protect itself from exotic poultry diseases, most notably highly pathogenic Avian Influenza and Newcastle Disease.

This approach is being adopted as a precautionary measure in view of outbreaks of highly pathogenic Avian Influenza in South East Asia. It also follows on a decision of the EU Commission to suspend the importation of all poultry and poultry products (including ratites, wild and farmed feathered game, poultry meat preparations and poultry meat products) into the European Union from the 24th January, 2004.

30 January 2004