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Organic produce certified in Ireland

The words "Certified Organic " should appear on the product label followed by one of the following codes depending on which private inspection body in Ireland is certifying the produce:

  • IE-ORG-O1*
  • IRL-OIB2-EU / IE-ORG-O2*
  • IRL-OIB3-EU / IE-ORG-03*

Note: IE-ORG-01 is used by the Institute of Marketecology , IRL-OIB2-EU or IE-ORG-O2 is used by the Irish Organic Farmers' and Growers' Association (IOFGA) and IRL-OIB3-EU or IE-ORG-03 is used by Organic Trust Ltd.

*These codes are mandatory from 1/7/2010 in the interim the old codes (IRL-OIB2-EU and IRL-OIB3-EU) or the new codes (IE -ORG -01, IE -ORG -02, IE -ORG -03) may be used on the product label.

Whilst not required by regulation each of the certification bodies may also include their own name and/or logo on the product label:

The logo of the Organic Trust

The logo of the Irish Organic Farmers' and Growers' Association (IOFGA)