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An Overview of NDP 2007-2013

Grant aid is provided under the NDP to organisations for projects approved by the Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine, aimed at supporting improvements in quality equine breeding and also in the infrastructure within which the thoroughbred and non-thoroughbred horse sectors operate. Some measures operated under the NDP are administered by the Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine in conjunction with the Horse Sport Ireland, (HSI).

Aid focuses on:

  • Quality non-thoroughbred horse production - work on the formulation of genetic indices for stallions, blood sampling/DNA testing to verify pedigree, up-grading of equine registration systems and for the promotion and marketing of non-thoroughbred horses;
  • Quality thoroughbred horse production - initiatives in the areas of education, training and promotion in respect of equine health and husbandry, stud management and safety, nutrition and quality breeding;
  • Research into equine diseases and breeding and the capital cost of buildings and equipment to facilitate the delivery of enhanced diagnostic and ancillary services at the Irish Equine Centre;
  • Data collection and analysis leading to the generation of information to underpin improvements in the genetic quality in the non-thoroughbred sector. Support for education and training opportunities to satisfy the needs of new entrants and those already involved in the equine and related industries.

Detailed information on equine NDP schemes is available on the Department's website

Further information can be obtained from Equine Infrastructures Section, Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine, Farnham Street, Cavan. Tel: 049 4368291, Fax: 049 4361486 E-mail: