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Exports of Animal Breeding Products


Health Certs

Member StateThird CountryType/ Health Certificate/ Protocol/ AppendixDate of Entry into ForceCopy of Cert & Supplements and Comments
Ireland Albania Bovine Semen Nov 2008 Albania Health Cert (pdf 221Kb)    
Ireland  Argentina Bovine Semen August 2017

Argentina Health Cert (pdf 270Kb)    

Argentina Supplementary Schmallenberg Virus (pdf 108Kb)     

Ireland Armenia

Bovine Semen


Bovine Embryos


Equine Semen


Equine Embryos

December 2017

Armenia Health Cert Bovine Semen (pdf 285Kb)    

Armenia Health Cert Bovine Embryos (pdf 271Kb)    

Armenia Health Cert Equine Semen (pdf 257Kb)    

Armenia Health Cert Equine Embryos (pdf 293Kb)    

Ireland Australia

Bovine Semen Main Cert


September 2018

Australia Health Cert (pdf 292Kb)    

Australia Conditions (doc 22Kb)       

Ireland Australia Bovine Embryos December 2018

Australia health cert for bovine embryos (pdf 184Kb)    

Ireland Brazil Bovine Semen June 2015 Brazil - International Sanitary Certificate (pdf 280Kb)    
Ireland Canada

Bovine Semen Main Cert


June 2013

Canada Health Cert (pdf 133Kb)    

Supplementary Certificate Schmallenberg Virus (pdf 86Kb)    

Ireland Costa Rica Bovine Semen June 2017  Costa Rica Health Cert (pdf 328Kb)    
Ireland Eritrea

Bovine Semen


Jan 2015

Eritrea Health Cert (pdf 137Kb)    

Eritrea Supplementary (pdf 57Kb)    

Ireland Georgia Bovine Semen Oct 2014 Georgia Health Cert (pdf 141Kb)    
Ireland Iran Bovine Semen July 2020 Iran Health Cert Bovine Semen (pdf 268Kb)  
Ireland Israel Bovine Semen May 2016 Israel Health Cert (pdf 154Kb)    
Ireland Kosovo Bovine Semen April 2011 Kosovo Health Cert (pdf 30Kb)     
Ireland Malawi Bovine Semen Nov 2018 Malawi Health Cert (doc 25Kb)       
Ireland  Malaysia  Bovine Semen  Nov 2017 

Malaysia Health Cert (pdf 239Kb)    

Acknowledgement (pdf 434Kb)     

Ireland Morocco Bovine Semen Nov 2014 Morocco Health Cert (pdf 370Kb)    
Ireland New Zealand

Bovine Semen

Bovine Embryos

Nov 2013

New Zealand Health Cert (pdf 137Kb)     

New Zealand Embryos Health Cert (pdf 60Kb)     

Ireland Pakistan

Bovine Semen

Bovine Embryos


Bovine Health Cert for Pakistan (pdf 290Kb)     

Form V Pakistan (pdf 125Kb)    

Ireland People's Republic of China

Bovine Semen



Porcine Semen

Dec 2014



November 2017

People's Republic of China - Health Certificate (pdf 438Kb)     

Porcine Semen Certificates (pdf 382Kb)     

Questionnaire for Porcine Semen (English) (doc 61Kb)       

Questionnaire for Porcine Semen (Chinese) (doc 49Kb)       

Ireland Republic of Serbia Bovine Semen Mar 2016 Republic of Serbia Health Cert (pdf 230Kb)    
Ireland Russia

Bovine Semen

Annex 1 to Bovine Health Cert

Porcine Semen


Mar 2015


Sep 2014


Russian Health Cert (pdf 300Kb)    

Annex to Russian Health Cert (pdf 141Kb)    

Russian Health Cert for Boar Semen (pdf 334Kb)    

Ireland Rwanda Bovine Semen June 2014 Rwanda Health Cert (pdf 151Kb)    
Ireland South Africa

Bovine Semen

Bovine Embryos

September 2018

South Africa Semen (pdf 92Kb)    

South Africa Embryos (pdf 94Kb)    

Ireland Tanzania Bovine Semen Sep 2014 Tanzania Health Cert (pdf 138Kb)    
Ireland Tunisia Bovine Semen June 2015 Tunisia Health Cert (pdf 301Kb)    
Ireland Turkey Bovine Semen June 2017

Turkey Health Certificate (pdf 226Kb)   

Turkey Supplementary Certificate (pdf 108Kb)     

Ireland United Arab Emirates Bovine Semen May 2016 UAE Bovine Semen Health Cert (doc 73Kb)        
Ireland  Uruguay Bovine Semen August 2018

Uruguay Bovine Semen Health Cert (pdf 396Kb)    

Uruguay Supplementary (pdf 186Kb)    

Ireland USA

Bovine Semen


Porcine Semen

Oct 2015


May 2017

USA Bovine Semen Health Cert (pdf 117Kb)    

USA Porcine Semen Health Cert (pdf 105Kb)     

Ireland Vietnam Bovine Semen  Mar 2016 Vietnam Health Cert (pdf 306Kb)