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Rural Environment Protection Scheme (REPS) & Organic Farming

REPS provides a basic payment to all participants along with an additional payment to those availing of the organic measure. The rates of payment in REPS 3 are:

Basic payment rates

  Horticultural Holdings of <= 3 hectares (ha) with at least 1.0 ha under fruit or vegetables (excludes green manures) Holdings >3ha and up to 55ha >55 ha (rates in previous column apply up to 55ha)
In conversion €242/ha €181/ha €30/ha
Full organic status €121/ha €91/ha €15/ha
  • An organic farmer with 55 hectares can receive an annual payment of €18,505 for the first two years and €13,555 per annum for the remaining three years.
  • To avail of SM6, participants must be approved by a private inspection body and be registered with the Department of Agriculture, Food and Rural Development.
  • Participants must carry out their farming activity for a 5-year period in accordance with the Scheme Specification.

A minimum stocking rate of 0.5 livestock units is required to avail of full payments under the measure. For crop production (non-livestock systems) at least 50% of the area eligible for payment must be cropped. For mixed farming systems, payment for crop production will be based on the area cropped.