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List of Genetic Resources Projects Funded in 2017

Where the project coordinator has provided an executive summary for their project it can be downloaded by clicking on the project title below

General Investigations of the Bó Riabhach or Brindled Cow breed in order to define management strategies that ensure the survival of a rare genetic resource

            Irish Rare Breeds Society

Old Irish Goat Breeding Program (doc 24Kb) 

Old Irish Goat Society

DNA analysis on primitive goats in UK and Ireland

          Old Irish Goat Society

Further demographic characterisation and pedigree analysis of the KBP population


Enhancement and protection of native Irish breeding stock of Apis mellifera mellifera with Varroa tolerance (pdf 9Kb) 


Putting Irish barley into a European Framework – Genetic characterisation and comparison of Heritage Barley and Crop Wild Relatives

          National Botanic Gardens of Ireland

Dwarf Sea lamprey (Petromyzon marinus) populations in Ireland: Characterisation of genetic diversity and identification of conservation units for effective conservation management

          University College Dublin

The production of a publication guide to Crop Wild Relatives in Ireland

            Dr Tom Curtis