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List of Genetic Resources Projects Funded in 2016

List of Genetic Resources Projects Funded in 2016

Where the project coordinator has provided an executive summary for their project it can be downloaded by clicking on the project title below

DNA checking of parentage

Kerry Cattle Society Ltd

Increase the Dexter AI options available in ROI (doc 22Kb) 

Dexter Cattle Society ROI Group

Old Irish Goat - Conservation Plan (doc 493Kb) 

The Old Irish Goat Society             

Towards a Management Strategy for Apis mellifera mellifera in Ireland (doc 23Kb) 

        National University of Ireland, Galway

Irish Freshwater Mussels, Anondontines - How many species and where ? (doc 24Kb) 

        Institute of Technology, Sligo

Optimization of molecular assays for conservation of genitically isolated and threatened Irish Arctic char populations (Salvelinus alpinus) (doc 25Kb) 

        Galway – Mayo Institute of Technology

The production of a publication guide to Crop Wild Relatives in Ireland

        Dr Tom Curtis

Developing molecular markers for characterisation of Lathyrus Crop Wild Relatives (doc 23Kb) 

National Botanic Gardens of Ireland