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List of Genetic Resources Projects Funded in 2015

List of Genetic Resources Projects Funded in 2015

Where the project coordinator has provided an executive summary for their project it can be downloaded by clicking on the project title below


DNA checktesting of parentage

Kerry Cattle Society Ltd

The Old Irish Goat - National Survey (pdf 11Kb) 

The Old Irish Goat Society

Complete the characterisations of the Droimeann breed. Develop and manage a herdbook to enable the development of a long-term sustainable breeding programme (doc 24Kb) 

Droimeann Cattle Society Ltd

Production of a comprehensive inventory of Irish Landraces of vegetables, cereals and fruit other than apples and potatoes (doc 29Kb) 

Dr Tom Curtis

Conservation of heritage Irish malting barley cultivars for use in craft brewing (pdf 32Kb) 

National University of Ireland Galway

A review and implementation of available resources for genetic characterisation of crop wild relatives (doc 24Kb) 

National Botanic Gardens of Ireland

Recording of native crop wild relative species from a key under-recorded county (doc 26Kb) 

National Biodiversity Data Centre

Development and application of a molecular assay for conservation of genetically isolated and threatened Irish Arctic char populations(Salvelinus alpines) (doc 23Kb) 

Galway-Mayo Institute of Technology