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List of Animal and Plant Genetic Resources Projects Funded in 2011

Where the project coordinator has provided an executive summary for their project it can be downloaded by clicking on the project title below

Animal Projects

Conservation, Study and Improvement of Dark European Honeybee (doc 24Kb) 

Galtee Bee Breeding Group

Preservation of the traditional characteristics of the Irish Draught Horse population worldwide (doc 30Kb) 

Horse Sport Ireland

Book - Autochthonous Breeds of Ireland

Dr Leo Curran

Development of a Genetic Resources Showcase Park at the Turvey Nature Reserve (doc 28Kb) 

Fingal County Council

Plant Projects

Conservation and genetic characterisation of Irish Willows (doc 51Kb) 


Establishment of a Gene Bank(gene conservation area) of Sitka Spruce (doc 23Kb) 

Coillte Teoranta

Characterising the Genetic Provenance and Diversity of Native Alder Collections (doc 23Kb) 

National Botanic Gardens

Genetics of Old Irish Apple Varieties

University College Dublin

Correlation between DNA results and field characteristics observed on DAFF's Potato Heritage Collection at Tops, Raphoe (doc 25Kb) 

Patrick Wilkinson

Recording of Native Crop Wild Relative Species from Key Under-Recorded (pdf 6Kb) 

National Biodiversity Data Centre

The collection of seed (germplasm) of selected Priority-listed, rare and threatened species of Crop Wild Relatives for Ireland - Second Phase (doc 28Kb) 

Genetic Heritage Ireland

AgroBiodiversity Ireland - Genetic Resources for Food & Agriculture Annual Conference

National University of Ireland Galway