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List of animal and plant genetic resources projects funded in 2009

Where the project coordinator has provided an executive summary for their project it can be downloaded by clicking on the project title below

Animal Projects

Characterisation of the Dextor Cattle Breed in Ireland and other Countries

University College Dublin

The Kerry Bog Pony - Back from the Brink (pdf 66Kb) 

The Kerry Bog Pony Society

DNA typing of the Kerry Herd

Kerry Cattle Society

A high resolution survey of genome diversity in the Galway sheep breed

University College Dublin

Transport Subsidy to Broaden the Breeding Base within the Kerry Bog Pony Population

The Kerry Bog Pony Society

Conservation, Study and Improvement of Irish Strains of Dark European Honeybee

Galtee Bee Breeding Group

Plant Projects

Conservation of Selected Native Cherry (doc 24Kb) 


The production of a priority list of crop wild relatives for Ireland (doc 29Kb) 

Genetic Heritage Ireland

The collection of landrace material of cereals traditionally used in the thatching of roofs (doc 29Kb) 

Genetic Heritage Ireland

Conservation of Irish Willows


Assessing the diversity and relationships among resistant Irish Brassica species (pdf 6Kb) 

Dublin Institute of Technology

Characterisation of Cereals held in the Backweston genebank (pdf 37Kb) 

Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food