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Knowledge Transfer (KT) Programme

General Enquiries

The objective of the Knowledge Transfer Programme is to up-skill Irish farmers, to encourage efficiency and effectiveness of work and ensure they engage in a process of continuous improvement which will not only develop their enterprise but also contribute the overall development of the agri food sector. As part of their commitment under the programme farmers attend meetings of their KT Group. They also have the option to attend up to two KT Events in lieu of such meetings.

Privacy Statement

As part of the Knowledge Transfer Programme Participants are required to complete a Farm Improvement Plan in conjunction with their KT Group Facilitator. The KT Group Facilitator submits this FIP online and gives the participant a hard copy for their records and to refer to recommendations/actions outlined for the improvement of processes/procedures on the farm.

As part of the Farm Improvement Plan component of the Knowledge Transfer Programme it is a requirement that participants in Beef, Dairy, Equine, Poultry & Sheep must complete an Animal Health Measure with KT approved Private Veterinary Practitioner. It is open to any Private Veterinary Practitioner to apply for approval to act on behalf of Knowledge Transfer participants in respect of the Animal Health Measure of the Farm Improvement Plan. In order to be approved PVPs must be;

  1. Registered with the Veterinary Council of Ireland
  2. Employed by a Veterinary Practice
  3. Hold an active Department “P No.”

Additional information with regard to PVP’s can be found here.

It is open to any person or entity to apply for a KT Event which may comprise a farm walk, a conference, etc. which provides a learning opportunity for farmers related to the targeted areas of sustainability, animal health, grassland management, H&S or financial management etc. Applications for approval of a proposed KT Event must be submitted a minimum of 20 working days prior to the date of the proposed event. KT Events are approved on the basis of quality of content and speakers and assessment of the learning opportunity presented. Application forms seeking KT Approval for a proposed Event are available via the link below:

KT National Events

Completed applications and queries may be submitted by the event organiser via email to Where an event is approved, DAFM will provide staff at the event to take registration of KT participants in order to allocate credit under the KT Programme for attendance at same.  DAFM will also publish details of the event on the our website, direct KT Facilitators (advisors) to same via the online KT Meeting system and publicise the event via Twitter.

  • A list of currently approved KT National Events and application forms  can be found here.

 added 28.01.16