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Definitions for commonage

"CFP %"

Recommended % stock reductions in the commonage framework plan (CFP), based on a detail survey carried out by a trained environmentalist and agriculturalist.

"Agri Unit Code"

Identification code given to each commonage framework plan. Each commonage framework plan can cover an area of land ranging from a small section of one townland to the area of several townlands combined.

In some situations a framework plan may be identified by a sequence of identification codes. This indicates that while individual framework plans were drawn up, they are in fact managed as one agricultural unit on the ground.

"Eligible Area"

This is the eligible area of any given townland in a particular commonage framework plan.

"Eligible Townland Area"

If townland areas are divided between a number of different commonage framework plans, this indicates the sum of the total eligible townland area. The farmers' share of a commonage will be calculated on the basis of this eligible area.

"Average Townland Destocking %"

This is the average destocking % recommended for a total townland area where the townland is divided into two or more CFP's.


If there is more than one commonage in a townland a farmer willneed to consult the actual framework plans, when available, to establish his/her destocking  %.