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Client Notification - Change In Access Protocol

Dear Client

The Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine is enhancing its Customer Helpdesk facility and wishes to notify you of a change in procedure when contacting us about the Department’s Ag Schemes. These changes will be applicable from Monday 29th September 2019.

From the above date, you will be asked to input the first seven digits of your PPS identifier or number into your phone handset.  This new feature will allow the phone system to identify you to the Helpdesk agent and will provide a summary view of your scheme applications in addition to a complete call history.   This new facility should allow for speedier resolution of calls in addition to enhanced call security through pre-validation of each client.

What is the new procedure for entering my PPS number into my handset?

If for example your PPS number was 1234567M, then from 26th September 2019 you will be asked by the Department’s telephone system to input the first 7 numerical digits from this identifier or number, which in this example consists of the characters - 1234567.

You will not be required to input any alpha characters from your PPS number, “M” in this example. Once you correctly input the 7 PPS numerical digits into the telephone system, you will be automatically directed to a Helpdesk agent.

What happens if I enter the digits incorrectly or I cannot remember my PPS?

If you either enter the digits incorrectly or do not have the details of your PPS number to hand when contacting the Department’s Ag Scheme Customer Helpdesks, the system will guide you to choose an alternative option and your call will be directed to the relevant Helpdesk representative/agent. Callers should be aware that in this scenario, the subsequent security validation process will take longer when you reach the helpdesk agent.

Is there a new number for contacting DAFM?

No - the existing Ag Schemes Customer Helpdesk numbers remain the same.

Can my Agent still contact DAFM on my behalf?

Yes, agents can still contact DAFM on behalf of their registered client.

Customer Portal

For clients of the Department that are registered on, a new facility of logging a query with the Ag Schemes Customer Helpdesk can be accessed via your normal link. Once you successfully login to, you will see a new button on your home page (see image below) that allows you to log a query via the portal. This facility will be available 24x7 like the other schemes and services offered via the portal.  All your completed transactions via the Helpdesk Scheme portal will be automatically tracked by the system and an automated Helpdesk ticket reference will be provided to the registered email on our system. This reference number will allow for ease of reference and follow up of queries to the Department’s designated Ag. Scheme Customer Helpdesks.


Padraig McMahon

Added 25.09.19