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Fodder Import Support Measure Autumn 2018

Frequently Asked Questions

 Q.  What is the purpose of the Fodder Import Support Measure Autumn 2018?

A. This measure seeks to provide support to livestock farmers experiencing severe forage shortages due to the prolonged period of dry weather this summer. A financial contribution towards the transport of imported forage will be made to Co-op’s/ Importers participating in the measure. No financial contributions will be made directly to farmers.

Q.  Who is eligible to apply to participate in the Fodder Import Support Measure Autumn 2018?

A. Co-operatives/Importers that are approved, in advance, by DAFM who import forage for sale to their livestock clients who are experiencing forage shortages on their holding.

Q. What are the cut-off dates for the scheme opening, before which fodder is ineligible for the scheme?

A. Forage imported by an Approved Co-op/Importer between the 12th August 2018 and 31st December 2018 is eligible. Forage imported and purchased prior to the 12th August is ineligible for the measure.

Q. When and where will application forms be available?

A. Co-op/Importer application forms are available from 22nd August. They can be downloaded from DAFM website. They can be located under the Farming Schemes and Payments link.

Q.  How does a farmer avail of the forage Fodder Import Support Measure Autumn 2018?

A.   Farmers should contact their local participating Co-op/Importer, which will be listed on the DAFM website, indicating their intention to purchase, and volume of fodder requested. The farmer pays the Co-op/Importer for the purchase of the fodder which must exclude this Department’s contribution towards the transport costs. The farmer will complete the Sale Declaration Form at the Co-op/Importer premises. No other paperwork is required to be completed by the farmer.

Q.  What forage types are eligible?

A.  The measure is restricted to hay, haylage, silage (maize and grass), alfalfa and any other type of forage deemed acceptable to DAFM subject to prior approval.

Q.  Will straw be considered as an eligible forage type?

A.  No straw will not be considered as an eligible forage type under this Measure.

Q. How will payment be made?   

A. The Department will pay the participating Co-op/Importer a contribution of €50/tonne fresh weight towards the cost of transport.

Q. Which are the participating Co-ops/registered importers?

A.   A full list of participants will be made available on the Department’s website.

Q. What level of funding is available for the Measure?

A. A financial commitment of €4.25 million has been secured to import up to 85,000 tonnes of fodder.

Q. What happens if the value of the applications exceeds the €4.25 million available funding?

A. An assessment on the financial cost will be made following the closing date and if the funding allocation is fully utilised a pro-rata reduction will be applied.

Q. Where can I get further information on the Measure?

A.  Further information is available by contacting the Direct Payments Helpline on 0761064420.

Q. Is there a limit to the amount of funding an individual farmer can receive?

A. Eligibility to receive funding under the Fodder Transport Support Measure Autumn 2018 is dependent on the applicant remaining within the €15,000 individual aid limit in the 2016-2018 fiscal years, as set out in Commission Regulation (EU) 1408/2013.  Where any aid awarded exceeds this amount, no payment will issue. 

The following list sets out the schemes in operation under the agriculture de minimis regulations for the rolling three year period 2018, 2017, 2016:-

  • Premium from Kerry cattle live calves
  • BVD scheme
  • BTAP
  • STAP
  • Beef Genomics Scheme
  • Milking Skills Programme
  • Dairy Development Programme
  • Superlevy Instalment Scheme
  • Fodder Damage Aid Scheme 2016
  • Emergency Flood Damage Relief Scheme 2016
  • SEAI Scheme – Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland ( Recording only)
  • Weather Related Crop Loss Support Measure 2017
  • Agriculture Cashflow Support Loan Scheme
  • Inishowen Flood Relief Measure 2017
  • Fodder Transport Support Measure 2018
  • Fodder Import Support Measure 2018
  • Sheep EID Scheme 2018