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Schedule of Terms and Conditions for the funding of Equine Technical Support & Equine Breeding Schemes

  1. These Schemes shall be administered through The Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine (DAFM) and entities appointed by DAFM for this purpose.
  2. The entities providing and operating the schemes will be responsible for the quality and content of the schemes. The Department (DAFM) will have no responsibility in this regard.
  3. The operation of this scheme is subject to the provisions of Commission Regulation (EU) No 702/2014 and in particular Chapter III, Section 1, Articles 21and 27(1)and the enabling legislation of the Central Fund (Permanent Provision) Act 1965. Unless otherwise stated, terms defined in the Regulation shall have the same meaning. Aid will be granted to cover eligible costs and will at all times be subject to National and EU Rules and State Aid and Public Procurement Guidelines as defined above.
  4.  DAFM will pay reasonable, vouched additional costs incurred by bodies providing services under these schemes. Any notional costs associated with services provided, or work completed by Officers of the DAFM will not be regarded as eligible costs. The aid shall not involve direct payments of moneys to breeders.
  5. Aid for projects may be granted at intensities up to those permitted under Articles 21 and 27 of Commission Regulation (EC) no 702/2014.
  6. Aid will only be paid in respect of specific proposals submitted to DAFM and approved by DAFM. To be considered for aid, all proposals must be completed in full on application form ‘name of application form’ accompanied by all requested supporting documentation. All work and expenditure incurred in respect of these proposals must be supported by documentation acceptable to DAFM in order for applicants to recoup the proportion of eligible costs agreed by DAFM.
  7. Proposals relating to breed improvement for a specific breed should only be submitted by the holder of the EU approved studbook or with with evidence of support from that studbook for that breed.
  8. Applicants must be located within the State.
  9. VAT charges incurred will not form part of the eligible expenditure unless they are non-recoupable. The Minister may request evidence in this regard to be supplied by the applicants from the Revenue Commissioners.
  10. On request, applicants must show to the satisfaction of DAFM that all contractors, sub-contractors, consultants and suppliers used in the course of the project have complied with all legal, tax registration, employment regulations and all other statutory requirements.
  11. Current tax year Tax Clearance Certificates must be provided by applicants and all contractors and sub-contractors engaged by the applicants for the purposes of approved projects.
  12. Completed claims for grant aid for these projects together with any supporting documentation required must be submitted to DAFM within one month of completion of the project. In any event claims must be submitted by 30th November every year.
  13. Claims for draw down of funds must be accompanied by:
    a. Expenditure Reports setting out the names of Suppliers, Date(s) of service or supply, Invoices, and Total Amount, signed and dated by the Project Manager, verifying that the accounts are in order, that the work in respect of the draw down of  funds has been completed satisfactorily, that the costs in every case are valid and that the application complies with the terms and Conditions for the funding of the projects.
    b. Any other supporting documentation required by DAFM.
  14. A separate bank account must be established for all transactions relating to these schemes unless an alternative arrangement is agreed with DAFM.
  15. Payment of funds will be subject to inspection checks or audit, from time to time, by officials of DAFM, Office and the Comptroller and Auditor General, the EU Commission and the EU Court of Auditors and in this connection the entities operating the schemes will be required to
    a. Provide facilities to allow on site access to and examination of all relevant records.
    b. Provide copies of annual accounts and any necessary supplementary information
    c. Maintain and make available to such officers on request, originals of records relating to claims and any further supporting documentation/files required to verify validity and accuracy of those records, including where requested tenders, paid invoices, receipts, bank statements, returned paid cheques, Auditors Certificates, any or all of which may be verified independently by DAFM.
    d. Ensure that expenditure incurred which formed the basis of claims and the payment of funds is easily identifiable in the accounting system. Ensure that there is a clear audit trail from claims to source documents, to item/service supplied and that the purpose of all procurements can be clearly established.
  16. The entities providing and operating the schemes agree and covenant with the Minister to be fully responsible for any loss, damage or injury howsoever caused to persons or property arising out of work undertaken on these projects and hereby agrees and covenants to fully indemnify the Minister and his officers in respect of any such loss, damage or injury howsoever arising during the projects.
  17. No funding will be sought from any other State Body for these projects.
  18. If any of these terms and conditions is not fully met repayment of all or any part of the grant may be required, as deemed reasonable and appropriate by the Department.
  19. The Minister reserves the right to alter from time to time the conditions attaching to and the procedures to be followed in the operation of this scheme.