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EMFF Schemes

Summary of Schemes & Funding

Data Collection Scheme

(Total €40.8m - €8.2m Exchequer €32.6m EMFF)

For Further information:

Union Priority 1- Sustainable Development of Fisheries (€67m)

Sustainable Fisheries Scheme
(Total €25m - €12.5m Exchequer, €12.5m EMFF)
Supports the fishing fleet in implementing the CFP, in particular the discards ban and landing obligation.

For further information: Sustainable Fisheries Scheme - Bord Iascaigh Mhara

Inshore Fisheries Conservation Scheme
(Total €6m - €3m Exchequer, €3m EMFF)
Supports implementation of the Small Scale Coastal Fisheries Action Plan to support the economic, social and environmental sustainability of inshore fishing.

For further information: Inshore Fisheries Conservation Scheme - Bord Iascaigh Mhara

Marine Biodiversity Scheme
(Total €9.4m - €4.7 Exchequer, €4.7 EMFF)
Supports compliance of fisheries and aquaculture with Habitats, Birds and Marine Strategy Framework Directives through acquisition and analysis of data on fisheries and aquaculture and conduct of Habitats Directive assessments.

Union Priority 2 - Sustainable Development of Aquaculture (€30m)

Sustainable Aquaculture Scheme
(Total €20.6m - €10.3m Exchequer €10.3m EMFF)
Supports sustainable growth of output, value and employment in the aquaculture sector through capital investment in licensed aquaculture sites, promotion of organic aquaculture and aid for biotoxin closures.

For further information: Funding - Bord Iascaigh Mhara

Knowledge Gateway Scheme
(€8.2m- €4.1m Exchequer, €4.1m EMFF)
Supports investment in knowledge, innovation, technology, training and advice for the aquaculture sector.

For further information: Funding - Bord Iascaigh Mhara

Union Priority 3 - Accompanying Measures for the CFP (€84.8m)

Control and Enforcement Scheme
(Total €44m - €8.2m Exchequer, €37.2 EMFF)

  • Investment by DAFM in electronic fishery management systems and databases to support implementation of the CFP and EU Control Regulation.
  • Investment by SFPA in control infrastructure, equipment, training etc.
  • Joint investment by SFPA and Department of Defence on training, vessel monitoring systems, compliance promotion.
  • Investment by the Department of Defence in new fisheries patrol vessels, joint control missions, and the Fisheries Monitoring Centre.

For further information:

Data Collection Scheme
(Total €40.8m- €8.2m Exchequer €32.6m EMFF)

  • Supports policy and management of fisheries at National and EU level through compilation and analysis of scientific and economic data on fisheries.
  • Will include research vessel surveys, contracting of scientific and economic resources, and expertise to survey, compile and analyse data.
  • Supplemented by a further €12m in Exchequer spend outside EMFF.

For further information:

Union Priority 4 - Sustainable Development of Fisheries & Aquaculture Areas (€12m)

Fisheries Local Area Development Scheme
(Total €12m- €6m Exchequer €6m EMFF)

  • Funds preparation of community led local development strategies in fishing communities and implementation of those strategies by 7 approved Fisheries Local Action Groups (FLAGs).
  • Will support seafood enterprise development and diversification into wider marine economy.

For further information:

Union Priority 5 - Processing and Marketing (€33m)

Seafood Processing Capital Investment Scheme
(Total €13m- €6.5m Exchequer €6.5m EMFF)
Support for capital investment by seafood processing enterprises in premises and equipment to increase value added processing of fish, add value and increase sales.

For further information: Funding - Bord Iascaigh Mhara

Seafood Innovation and Business Planning Scheme
(Total €7m- €3.5m Exchequer €3.5m EMFF)
Support for innovation, New Product Development and advisory services in the seafood processing sector.

For further information:

Seafood Scaling and New Market Development Scheme
(Total €4m - €2m Exchequer €2m EMFF)
Support to seafood processing enterprises to encourage consolidation and cooperation in the sector and to develop new markets.

For further information: Funding - Bord Iascaigh Mhara

Seafood Promotion Scheme
(Total €5m - €2.5m Exchequer €2.5m EMFF)
Supporting promotion by Bord Bia of seafood products internationally.

For further information:

Producer Organisation Scheme
(Total €3m - €1.5m Exchequer €1.5m EMFF)
Aid to Producer Organisations to develop and implement Production and Marketing Plans.

For further information: Funding - Bord Iascaigh Mhara

EMFF Storage Aid Scheme
(Total €1.3m - €1.3m EMFF)
Limited market price support mechanism for seafood products.

Union Priority 6 - Integrated Maritime Policy (€10.6m)

Blue Growth and Marine Spatial Planning Scheme
(Total €10.6m - €5.3m Exchequer €5.3m EMFF)
Supporting actions targeted at enabling investment in Ireland's blue economy and supporting the establishment Marine Spatial Planning in Ireland for the purpose of promoting sustainable growth of maritime economies, the sustainable development of marine areas and sustainable use of marine resources.

For Further information: