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03 May 2018



1. AIR 2017 Presentation (ppt 3,163Kb) 
2. EMFF Progress Review (ppt 1,464Kb) 
3. Data Collection (ppt 2,581Kb) 
4. Marine Biodiversity (ppt 13,648Kb) 
5. Blue Growth and Marine Spatial Planning (ppt 3,323Kb) 
6. Control and Enforcement (ppt 618Kb) 
7. Aquaculture (ppt 856Kb) 
8. Fisheries and FLAGs (ppt 9,611Kb) 
9a. Seafood Processing (ppt 12,769Kb) 
9b. Seafood Processing (ppt 10,149Kb) 
10. Seafood Promotion (ppt 4,309Kb) 
11. SSCF Action Plan (ppt 1,301Kb)