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Data Protection

Data Protection Notice and Information for all our Customers

All personal data processed by the Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine will take place in accordance with the law on Data Protection and will only be for the purposes connected to the functions of this Department. These functions are listed here.

Department staff are also considered as customers of the Department from a Data Protection perspective and may exercise their data protection rights in the same way.

The Department is fully committed to keeping all personal data submitted by its customers, fully safe and secure during administrative processes.   All necessary technical measures have been put in place to ensure the safety and security of the systems which hold this data.

At times personal data may be used in an IMT test environment to ensure that the IMT service delivered will meet the requirements of the Department scheme/service/function for our customers.  Where possible, the Department will limit the use of personal data in this way and aims to anonymise and pseudonymise such data.

Transparency and openness in the use of personal data held is important to the Department and therefore we aim to fully inform all our customers about the purpose(s) for which their data is used and why, where it is shared, and how long their data is held by the Department.  Information on the rights of the customers and how to exercise these rights are also provided.

If the Department receives any information which leads it to believe that a criminal offence may have taken place it will use all data available, including personal data, to pursue any necessary investigation and/or prosecution as provided for under the terms of the Law Enforcement Directive (EU 2016/680).

Terms and conditions documentation attached to Schemes and/or information provided to our customers on application forms have been substantially amended to provide for the additional data protection information which should be provided to our customers under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Data Protection information will be updated on this page from time to time.