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  • Inspecting and assessing applications under the Targeted Agricultural Modernization Scheme (TAMS); the TAMS Schemes include the Dairy Equipment Scheme, the Sheep Handling Scheme, Low Emission Slurry Spreading Equipment Scheme, Animal Welfare, Safety and Nutrient Storage Scheme, Organic Capital Investment Scheme, Young Farmer Capital Investment Scheme and Pig and Poultry Investment Scheme.
  • Carrying out inspections relating to Basic payment scheme, Area of natural constraint scheme in designated areas, Cross compliance inspections, Local authority Nitrates inspections, Beef data genomics programme, Young farmers scheme, Sheep welfare scheme, Suckler beef scheme. 
  • Desk checks to ensure correct supporting documentation such as engineer’s drawings, planning permission and investment calculations.
  • On-farm inspections on selected TAMS applications to determine their eligibility prior to approval and/or before payment to confirm that the investments were completed in accordance with the relevant Department specifications.
  • Draw on their knowledge of farm buildings, machinery and livestock handling equipment and the Department’s Specifications and Procedures to assess the TAMS applications.
  • Horticulture Plant health monitoring duties.
  • Carrying out pesticide surveys and cross-compliance checks.
  • Veterinary Public Health duties in meat establishments across the country relating to identification compliance, blood sampling and hygiene checks.
  • Disease control related inspections at farm level under Animal Health and Welfare regulations.
  • Animal identification and movement control inspections.
  • Livestock Mart Inspections.
  • Herd Registration inspections.
  • Inspections relating to Transport of live bovine animals.
  • Duties relating to live animal exports.
  • Bovine Dealer premises inspections    
  • Co-ordinate On farm market valuation scheme between herdowners and independent valuers. Arrange for removal of Bovine animals off farms under Animal Health and Welfare regulations.
  • Crop evaluation, certification, sampling and inspections.
  • Feedstuffs, fertilisers and grain marketing inspections.
  • Pesticide registration and controls.
  • Appeals officer in Agricultural appeals office


  • To promote structural change at farm level.
  • To implement specific measures supporting environmentally sustainable agriculture and fisheries.
  • To confirm farm eligibility prior to the payment of TAMs scheme in order to ensure financial compliance with scheme requirements.
  • To ensure that the highest standard in Food Safety and animal welfare is maintained.
  • To ensure compliance with Animal health and welfare legislation.
  • To ensure the production of safe food for consumers.
  • To comply with national & EU legislative requirements.


Nationwide – Technical Agricultural Officers work in various locations across the Department and may be head quartered in Regional offices or Meat factories.


Inspect, Monitor and sample on farm and at food business operator premises. 


Technical Agricultural Officers are required to have a third level qualification in agriculture-related studies to National Certificate level or equivalent. 

Technical grades join the Department at Technical Agricultural Officer level, and progress their careers through competing in internal and PAS competitions for promotion as follows:

Technical Agricultural Officer
Supervisory Agricultural Officer
District Superintendent
Area Superintendent