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Careers in Veterinary

What we do

Our Veterinary staff contribute to the Department endeavours by:

  • Striving to ensure that animals are being farmed ethically and in a way that protects consumers, farmers, the food industry and farmed animal populations.
  • Seeking to evaluate and improve farm practices, by developing initiatives aimed at cultivating best practice particularly in relation to animal health and welfare. 
  • Assessing and dealing with risks posed to the food industry, farmers and consumers from diseases, food processing and farming practices.


  • Supports our farmers, exports and the consumer.
  • Protects the integrity of food chain and the environment.
  • Monitors the status of Ireland as being free of certain diseases.
  • Contributes nationally and internationally to the development of legislation.


Our veterinary staff are located nationwide and operate both in the office and on the ground supporting the Department in

Veterinary Services

Our veterinary services can be broadly divided into three divisions:

1. Animal Health & Welfare Division

Colleagues in the Animal Health & Welfare Division provide expert advice to influence national and international legislation, and policies, and liaise directly with producers and operators involved in the producing or processing food.

2. Veterinary Public Health Inspection Service

Our Veterinary Public Health Inspection Service implement and oversee production and processing controls from the time animals or products leave the farm to ensure the integrity of the food chain.  Department veterinarians assess whether producers and operators involved in producing or processing food are implementing the law correctly, and make recommendation regarding best practice.

3. Veterinary Laboratory Services

Our Veterinary Laboratories form part of the wider Laboratory services of the Department, and support our veterinary services by carrying out testing and building on diseases intelligence nationwide.


Role in Veterinary include:

Veterinary Inspectors
Senior Veterinary Inspectors
Senior Superintending Veterinary Inspectors
Chief Veterinary Officer
Deputy Chief Veterinary Officer

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