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Careers in DAFM Laboratories

Mission Statement:

Scientific Excellence - Safeguarding and Enhancing Public, Animal and Plant Health and our Environment.

What we do:

DAFM laboratories performs a wide range of regulatory, diagnostic and research testing across the range of disciplines; Veterinary, Agricultural, Food and Plant Science.


  • Support farmers, exports and the consumer.
  • Protect the food chain and the environment.
  • Monitor and maintain our disease-free status, which is vital for trade.


DAFM laboratories are based on a large state of the art complex in Backweston, Celbridge, Co. Kildare. In addition, there are smaller regional laboratories in Cork, Limerick, Kilkenny, Athlone and Sligo.


  • Specialist testing in a wide range of areas including:-





Food Microbiology

Food Chemistry


Plant and Science and Seed Testing

Environmental and Analytical Chemistry

  • Nationwide surveys of plants and livestock.
  • Testing of diagnostic samples.
  • Performs National Reference Laboratory (NRL) function across a wide range of disciplines.
  • Development and validation of new methods.
  • Research and Development relevant to work of DAFM laboratories.
  • Collaboration with academic and state bodies across Europe.
  • Support staff to undertake part-time post graduate studies.


Who we employ:

DAFM employs a range of scientific grades. All scientific grades have a promotional pathway.

Entry Level Grade

Minimum Qualification

Laboratory Analyst (Biology)

Level 7 in Bioscience, Molecular Biology or Microbiology

Laboratory Analyst (Chemistry)

Level 7 in Chemistry


Level 8 in Chemistry

Assistant Agriculture Inspector

Level 8 in Agricultural Science or Food Science

Veterinary Research Officer

Degree in Veterinary Medicine eligible for VCI registration

Seed Analyst

Leaving Certificate


In addition, DAFM employ a range of support grades in the laboratories.

  • Quality Managers.
  • Biosecurity Officer.
  • Health and Safety Officer.
  • Laboratory Attendants.
  • Serological Assistants.
  • Administrative grades.
  • I.T. grades.