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Latest Important News for Transporters

DAFM Update for Transporters, Exporters and Drivers in relation to Live Animal Exports


Dear Transporter, Exporter and Drivers, 

If you are planning any long journeys with weaned animals requiring a 24-hour rest en route:

  • Please bear in mind that some Control Posts are not available to take animals for their 24-hour rest on short notice at the moment due to the border problems. Written confirmation of your booking in a control post for the planned 24h rest should be provided along with the Journey Log, at least 48 hours before departure.

  • The possible waiting times at borders are taken into account in total journey time when proposing a Journey Log.

  • All transporters must have a contingency plan to address potential disruptions to their journey – the driver must have access to a list of control posts for the countries they are passing through (available here and financial resources e.g. a credit card, sufficient to facilitate access to a control post. The transporter should also consider the contingency of the driver(s) getting sick during the journey.  
  • The following web pages may be helpful in checking the status of border crossings:









Thank you for your cooperation.


Review of conditions for welfare of animals on long journeys

Please note:


Transport of Animals by road during Hot Weather

Important Notice to All Authorised Transporters/Exporters

European Communities (Animal Transport and Control Post) Regulations 2006

As in previous years there is a total ban for the months of July and August on the endorsement of Journey Logs for consignments of live animals by road transport to North Africa, Greece, Turkey, Bulgaria and Croatia. This ban is enforced by the Veterinary Inspector at the Assembly Centre. This list maybe updated on the Departments website as needed.

Transporters planning journeys to other destinations during the summer months are asked to take account of possible high temperatures en route and to have adequate contingency plans and to consider the following preventative actions

  • Ensure that a vehicle is fitted with effective forced ventilation.
  • Increase the space allowance by at least 30%.
  • Use vehicles with fewer tiers to increase headroom.
  • Reschedule the journey or plan it to take advantage of cooler conditions at night.
  • Check the website - You can find detailed information about the warnings in the awareness reports issued for each country.

Advice on the Transport of Animals during Hot weather and other information on the transport of animals is available on the DAFM website here.

Advice on the transport of all types of animals during warm weather are available on the DAFM website here.

Email address:

Animal Welfare Division,
Agriculture House,
Kildare Street,
Dublin 2 
Updated: June 2019


Authorised Transporters are advised to check the expiry date on their current Authorisation Certificates as the five year validity period for their TYPE1 or TYPE2 authorisations may expire in 2013.  Application for a new authorisation should be made before the existing one expires.  Application forms can be downloaded from our web page.

Please note if you do not carry an up-to-date Type 2 Authorisation you will be stopped at the point of exit

Important Information

Reorganisation of work in the Department

Arising from a reorganisation of work in the Department the administrative responsibility in relation to Council Regulation (EC) No 1/2005 on the protection of animals during transport and related operations has been transferred from AIM Division (formally NBAS) in Backweston to Animal Health and Welfare Division in Agriculture House.

The contact names and phone numbers for transport queries are as follows:-

Mr Sean Murray    Tel: 01 6072797
Mr Paul Whelan  Tel: 01 60722192