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Advertising of Veterinary Medicinal Products at International Events

The Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine wishes to advise that Regulation 37 of the European Communities (Animal Remedies) (No2) Regulations 2007 has been amended to provide for the advertising of animal remedies authorised in another Member State or a third country at an event where the Minister, on foot of an application from the organisers of the event, has approved such advertising.

Applications must be submitted, in writing, from the organiser of the event. The information to be provided is included in annex to this communication. Please note that approval will not be issued until all the required information has been provided. It is important that applications are submitted in good time to facilitate timely processing.

Should you have any queries in relation to this matter, please contact Veterinary Medicines Division by e-mail at 

Information to be Included in the Application for Approval for the Advertising of Veterinary Medicinal Products at International Events:

  1. The title, location, duration and purpose of the event.

  2. The audience to which the event is targeted.

  3. Confirmation that attendance at the event will be by invitation only.

  4. Confirmation that only veterinary medicinal products authorised in another Member State or a third country  will be promoted/advertised.

  5. Confirmation that all promotional material for display or distribution, for products that are not authorised in Ireland,  will include clearly visible and legible statements that;

    1. The product is not authorised in this country or that it is authorised for different indications.

    2. The product may not be used in Ireland unless the person involved in its import, sale, supply or administration, is in possession of a valid licence from the Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine.

  6. Confirmation that promotional material that refers to the prescribing information (indications, warnings etc.) authorised in other countries, must include a clearly visible and legible statement explaining that authorisation conditions differ internationally and should be checked with the relevant competent authority in relation to current regulations and policy.

  7. Confirmation that no samples of veterinary medicines will be displayed at the event.